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A podcast dedicated to demystifying the art and business of school author visits for authors, illustrators, educators, librarians, parents, and booksellers.

Hosts: Author, Bonnie Clark and Author-illustrator, Shanda McCloskey

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Nov 17, 2022

Our topic today is all about leveling up your author visit game with our special guest, children's STEM/STEAM author Jennifer Swanson! 

Today we get to dive into the world of Jennifer Swanson! If you don’t already know of her, she is an award-winning author of over 40 nonfiction books for children, mostly about science and technology. Jennifer’s love of STEM began when she started a science club in her garage at the age of 7. And not only that, but we consider her a school visit champion!

During the talk, we asked Jennifer these questions…

  • Jennifer, in your opinion what’s the difference between a good school visit and a really GREAT one?

  • How do you go about engaging kids and keeping their attention? And further, how do you get them excited?

  • A lot of authors write and present about STEM subjects, but what makes YOURS extra special?

  • We recently had a request to talk about the tech we use during school visits. And we hope to dedicate a whole episode to this soon, but while we have you here what tech do you use for presenting, Jennifer?

  • Tell us about the non-fiction writing workshops that you offer!

  • I see that 3 sessions is your full day. How did you come to that number? (I recently raised my prices, but I added a fourth session to my full day, and it’s intense! But I also feel like a wimp compared to what teachers are doing each day with students. I think I’ll go back to 3 sessions a day next school year.)

  • Have you ever had a school visit disaster? Do tell!

  • How do you go about getting school visit gigs? Do you handle everything on your own or do you use a booking agency?

  • What’s one thing you’ve learned over the course of doing school visits? Or what’s your main advice you have for other authors to up their school visit game?


Thanks for joining us, Jennifer! That wraps up our 23rd episode about leveling up your author visit game with Jennifer Swanson! 

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Kid book review by: Harvey M.

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